Locatel is the second largest pharmacy chain in Venezuela. The project has consisted of carrying out 360° marketing campaigns, which include: presence on social networks, creation of landing pages, service catalogues, promotions and discounts, and SMS and email marketing campaigns.

Discounts and Promotions Catalog

For 2 years I have designed the weekly Discounts and Promotions Catalogue which is an online listing of pharmacy and miscellaneous items. This document contains between 80 and 220 products, in addition to showing promotions, services and events of the brand.

I have also made other types of digital catalogs such as:

  • Available Services by store location.
  • Available Medical Equipments for Rent.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Center Hours and Availability.

Social Media

For the company’s social networks I have designed stories and posts of promotions, events and discounts.

In addition to the Discounts and Promotions catalog, I designed stories, posts and videos to communicate to the entire Locatel customers community on Instagram and Twitter that the discounts are now available and the featured products of the week are shown.

Likewise, I have supervised their design team in the creation of stories and videos related to brand services and the hours corresponding to their stores.

Email Marketing

In email marketing, I have worked on the expansion, cleaning and maintenance of the email database of Locatel customers. Likewise, I have sent weekly emails to users, communicating Events, Discounts, Promotions and Valuable Content that may be of interest to them.

I have created segments depending on the location and interests of the community members.

In addition, I have carried out the analysis of the users, to know how to improve the open rate and the clicks on the emails.

Landing Page

I designed and developed a landing page for the company, in which they can show the dates of a series of events they carry out called “Mega Health Day”, in which they offer free health services to customers.

The landing page serves as a platform for those interested to know the dates of the events and register at the location and day of their preference. It shows the available services explaining what each of them consists of, and shows photos and videos of previous events.

The database of registered people is also cleaned. Then email and SMS confirmation are sent, where customers can see their registered day, service time, location and registered services. Finally, the satisfaction survey is carried out on the participants and the analysis of the pertinent results is carried out.